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Vols Recruiting: Ronnie Wingo- The Next Darren Mcfadden?
September 6, 2008, 6:20 pm
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Okay, so usually i don’t cover recruiting on my website but today i was just surfing through all the recuiting webites (rivals, scout, espn, etc) and a kid name Ronnie Wingo caught my eye. This kid (to me at least) is a total clone of: (Arkansas fans hold your breath) Darren Mcfadden. Now, before you go yelling at me saying that D-MAC was a once in a lifetime player and that there could not possibly be a second athlete just like him out there, here me out. First off, look at the stats, as a junior in high school Ronnie Wingo had 1600 yards and 17 TDs, also as a junior, Darren Mcfadden had 2,000 yards and 17 TDs. Now i know those numbers are not exactly the same but i think their close enough. This is where it gets freaky. says Wingo’s 40 time is 4.40. Coming out of high school DMAC’s 40 time was 4.38 according to and 4.45 according to Darren Mcfadden is somewhere between 6’1 and 6’2. has Wingo at 6’3 and has him at 6’1. Coming out of HS had Mcfadden as the #2 athlete in his class. Guess what has Wingo at? You guessed it, the #2 athlete in his class. contradicts rivals is both cases and has Wingo as a RB (the #10 to be exact) and in HS had DMAC as a RB also and he was #9 in his class. You get where i’m going with this? Shall i go on? In HS Mcfadden was an avid track runner and ran a reported 10.8 in the 100m. As a sophmore, Wingo ran the 100m at 10.9. Before committing to Arkansas DMAC also considered Tennessee and Alabama. All three are teams that Wingo is considering. To me, this is pretty weird. If he turns out to be the next Darren Mcfadden, lets pray he goes to Tennessee. Below is the little bit of video i found on Wingo (for a much better video i’d go to his ESPN profile) and some links to both his and Mcfaddens HS profiles.

Ronnie Wingo:

Darren Mcfadden:


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The biggest difference I would say is that Wingo has never played QB. Even when not taking snaps under center, that experience helped McFadden tremendously. Their running style is quite a bit different too even though they both run upright. McFadden was an absolute bear to bring down even with fairly small legs, Wingo seems to actually go down fairly easily for his size and also gets arm tackled a lot.

I’m not cutting down Wingo, he might be the next big thing at RB, but I think there are several backs in this class that have more promise than he does and of course, RBs like McFadden only come around so often 😉

Comment by Jeremy

Well another thing that Darren McFadden and Ronnie Wingo Jr. have in common is that they both favor Arkansas.

Comment by Robocop

Good running back, but far from being a D-Mac. Sorry just didn’t see it, maybe when he signs with the hogs they will bring it out of him, but as for now no way.

Comment by John Bebout

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