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The B-Gun?
September 12, 2008, 8:15 pm
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With anticipation looming just 2 weeks before the Florida game i thought i’d make a bold prediction that will most likely blow up in my face. Eric Berry is going to line up at quarterback. I vividly remember Berry scoring 7 of UT’s 20 points while on defense last year in the Swamp. I know preseason everyone was talking about the G-Gun but i think Fulmer’s was waiting for the Florida game to unleash this monster (or as i like to call it the B-Gun). If you don’t trust me take it from Berry himself and read this excerpt from

“Offensive coordinators are more willing than ever to think outside the box – or even, outside the offense. Now, Berry, a former high school quarterback, is convinced he will finally get a chance to play offense as well as defense.

“Yeah, I believe it,” he said. “Coach (Phillip) Fulmer is a man of his word. So I trust him on that.”

Wide receiver Gerald Jones succeeded in a limited role in UT’s “G-Gun” package last season. It makes sense to give Berry a similar chance to line up as quarterback in a shotgun formation.”

Also, while i have your attention, i’d like to point out that Eric Berry is probably the only person in the entire country that Tim “Superman” Tebow, heisman trophy winner, is afraid of. Watch out for Eric Berry to be a gator killer, whether on offense or defense, when Florida comes to Knoxville.


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Me and my buddies were talking about this during the game…

Also how about running a G-Gun with Hardesty and Foster in the backfield?

As Bert would say.. MONEY!

Comment by Beefe

You’ve got a good point but i think it’d be tough midseason to try to teach a RB (whether it’d be Hardesty or Foster) to read the defense and play the QB position. So i think the only real alternative this season to the G-Gun with Gerald Jones is running it with the former high school QB Berry.

Comment by thesmokeychomp

In honor of McFadden’s direct-snap package, the WildHog, we proudly introduce:

The WildBerry

(not my idea)

Comment by SOTH

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