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#8- “Second Guy Always Gets Caught”
September 15, 2008, 7:19 pm
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Remember when you were playing on the playground and someone would hit you. What was the first thing you did? You retaliated and hit them back but this time a parent catches you and, as much as you plead with them saying that they did it first, they just don’t listen and only you get in trouble. This rule was in full effect when Jonathan Wade gave Dallas Baker a little slap in the face and, just like on the playground, Baker retaliated back and did the same to Hefney. The weird thing is that referee Bobby Moreau, who clearly saw both slaps, only flagged Baker. You’d think that he’d either flag just Wade (the one who started it) or that he’d not flag either, right? Well, on this day, Moreau (who was originally assigned the 05′ game in Gainesville but opted to go to Nashville for the Vanderbilt-Mississippi game after receiving death threats from Florida fans) looked the other way when Hefney started it but happened to glance back over just in time to catch Baker’s retaliation. This stopped the clock at 55 second, gave the vols an extra 15 yards, and let Erik Ainge complete passes to Chris Hannon and Jayson Swain to put Wilhoit in field goal range. What happens next? Well, I’ll come back to that later in the countdown.


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The battle was Baker vs. Wade, not Hefney.

The thing is, the players didn’t do the same thing to each other.

Wade gave Baker a PUSH to the face mask, and Baker retaliated with a SLAP across the helmet.

Not that the PUSH shouldn’t have been flagged or anything, but the actions weren’t equal, so you can’t really ask why the ref called one and not the other.

He likely saw two different actions, as I did.

Comment by SOTH

my bad, it was wade not hefney (i’ll be sure to change that)…. i am a loyal vol fan but you really have to look at it both ways. if the same thing had happened and gone florida’s way i would’ve been pretty pissed.

Comment by thesmokeychomp

F*%# Florida.

Comment by Beefe

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