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National Signing Day Preview: Part I

With National Singing Day coming up, I feel a preview of the big day is neccesary. Here is a list of all recruits that are seriously considering Tennessee.



1. Marlon Brown- This guy is a must get. A source told me that it was pretty much down to UT and GA. Coach Lane Kiffin (CLK) told everybody that he was going to put a “fence” around the state of Tennessee and the fence starts, or ends, at Harding Academy High School. Marlon Brown is a statement recruit. Getting him tells every team is the SEC, if not the country, that we are serious contenders. The loss of RB coach Stan Drayton doesn’t help our chances but in the end, I believe CLK puts up that fence and Marlon Brown stays in the Volunteer State.

2. Janzen Jackson- This LSU commit has recently had second thoughts since Chief Chavis has arrived in Baton Rouge. He’s a physical corner with great height and ability who will be a star at the next level. He visited UT earlier this month and had a decent visit, although his dad still believes that if he doesn’t go to LSU and it will be Bama. I think were probably in the 3rd for this guy but on signing day, you never know.

3. Trent Richardon- This solid Alabama commit has decided to visit UT. He will visit UT on the 30 along with several other big recruits (Marlon Brown). The number two rated RB in the country would be monstrous to get. He had the power you always want along with excellent speed on the perimeter. Richardson, David Oku, Lennon Creer, and Montario Hardesty would be such a one-four punch? that our terrible quarterbacks wont even have to throw that much. Tennessee recently landed his primary recruiter in Lance Thompson so that certainly doesn’t hurt our chances. Ultimately, this is another reach but once he visits our campus he may have second thoughts.

4. Bryce Brown- I know what your wondering, why would Trent Richardson, the number to RB in the country, be more important to get than the number one RB in the country.Well, getting Brown would still put shockwaves through the country, and he still may be a better overall RB but getting Richardson would be statement, better yet a slap in the face, to Alabama and the entire SEC. Back to Brown. This kid is going to be an absolute Adrian Peterson- Reggie Bush like star in college. He the blend of speed, power, vision, illusiveness that you want in a running back. He’s also an exception threat in receivin. His highlight tape says it all. He’s already said Oregon is his favorite and I think that’s where he’ll end up but as of right now he’s a softie to the U.

5. Sam Montgomery- This guy in an absolute monster on film. He hails from SC and is pretty good friends with Buccaneers DE Gaines Adams, a former Monte Kiffin understudy, so that sure helps our cause. Just this guys physical stats will make your jaw drop. He’s 6’4 230 and reports of 4.44 forty. Yes, you heard me right, 4.44! He plays a lot like his friend Gaines Adams and could end up going to GA, NC, or maybe even Clemson. He visits UT on the 23rd so hopefully the likes of James Green will be in his ear all day and our campus does do a good recruiting job so this guy is somewhat of a toss up to me. On signing day, I’d give us a 25% chance.

Come back the next few days for part II!


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The whole “putting a fence around the state of Tennessee” seems kind of difficult. Memphis is much closer to Ole Miss(30 minutes to an hour) than it is to Knoxville. The same way Columbus and Lagrange, Georgia is Closer to Auburn than Athens.

I think it would be hard to control the borders by UT recruiters simply by the fact that Tennessee’s major cities are so spread out and far apart- Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, etc.

Comment by cousinwalter

We will not get any of these recruits and marlon brown is goin to ole miss i already heard cause i know someone who knows him. Next year we will be the best because kiffin barlye had any time. Plus all we have to say is we have four coaches from the NFL you are surely gonna get into the NFL. go vols we need these recruits!

Comment by pdiddy

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